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Next milestone - 2nd public dev build

Hello friends!

Next milestone in the development of 13 Ronin will be another public developer build. It will feature:

  • Get ready text

  • Game over text

  • Time limit and counter

  • Time-based score

  • Gameplay:

  • Instant action on button press, no need to follow through

  • Minimum attack distance, no damage when the opponent is too close

  • More varied movement scheme for the computer player

  • Moves and attacks:

  • Crouching turn

  • Crouching cut

  • Damage and death:

  • Crouching hurt animation, forward and backward

  • Crouching death animation, forward and backward

  • More frames in the current death animation

  • Death animation, forward

  • Pool of blood under dead body

  • Blood particles

  • Different blood splashes depending on hit

This I plan to have ready by Easter. Will I make it?

Happy coding!



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