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13 RONIN banner

The Devil and WIX

If I ever was going to write a horror story involving a blogger it would be a Kafkaesque tale about a developer trying to make a decent site using WIX and in the end discovering that the WIX-editor is possessed by the devil. Cool, right? No. Why? Because it's a true story.

Anyways, the site with the new hopefully nicer looking and easier to use design is published. I still have a couple of unresolved tickets at the WIX-support, one being the home page automatically being renamed to the title of the first blog post, but even with this bug I think the new design is an improvement over the previous one.

Besides fighting the buggy WIX-editor I've drawn this banner:

Banner for 13 RONIN

It's for promotional purposes and now included in profiles and dev blogs I have at various sites such as GameJolt, TIGForums and others. I will not use this image in the game but the intro screen will feature something similar although animated. If there are other sites you think I should be a member of, please let me know.

I've also drawn this symbol:

Icon for 13 RONIN

I use it for avatar at the sites mentioned above and will also serve as game icon and probably be displayed somewhere in the game as well. Maybe for example on the highscore page.

Can you interpret the symbol? Not sure if it works, but it's supposed to be a combination of 13 and R. Do you see it? Or maybe more important, do you like it? Please let me know.

Finally I've published DevLog #2 at the sites mentioned above. The DevLogs are longer articles summarizing the news I've posted at this site. In that way you can choose in what way you like to follow the project, by reading the longer articles once a month or the shorter ones published more often.

Next up on my Trello board is finishing the hero "move"-animations and coding an animation engine. To avoid straining my wrist doing all the animations I will try switching between drawing and coding.

I'm looking forward to present more animations.

Happy coding!



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