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Engine & Language

When developer collegues learn that I'm writing a game, the first question they ask is almost always what engine I'm using. The second is in what language. So what follows are the answers to these questions and the motivation behind them.

I'm writing the game in C# and using the MonoGame-framework as "engine". And why have I made these choices? Well, when I started this project I had following criterias in the search for a suitable engine:

  • It should be free.

  • It should be easy to get started.

  • It should be code oriented.

  • It should use a proper language, preferable C#

  • It should have a large user base.

Based on these criterias MonoGame stood out as a winning choice and I decided to try it out. I almost immediately took it to heart and a number of months later I'm now more than ever convinced of having made the right choice.

Come on and join tthe fun!


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