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April 12, 2018


By chance I stumbled upon an advert for a used therapsid synthesizer and when I read it was based on the C64 SID sound chip and that it was intended “to create roaring noises that will cut through your mix like razor-sharp claws through a mammoth steak.” I knew I just had to buy it.



Hopefully I can use the synthesizer when creating music for 13 RONIN but for now it's lying on the sideboard keeping my old reel-to-reel tape recorder company.


Twisted Electrons


therapsid demo


Linus Åkesson performing International Karate on his Chipophone


C64 music to make you feel like a Samurai

International karate

Fist 2: The legend continues

The Last Ninja

The way of the exploding fist

Samurai Warrior









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