First public build released

January 2, 2019

Hello friends and a happy new year to all of you!


In my September post I stated the goal for the year to be the release of a first public build of 13 Ronin. I followed the statement with a list of features the release should contain, and although I haven’t managed to complete all of those features I’m still quite happy.

Lacking from the list is a background animation of a pair of women drinking tea, the color of the opponent (it should be white, but is grey) and an idle animation variation. The idle variation and the color of the opponent will be added later on. The tea-drinking women will probably be cut in favor of some other animation.



Big disclaimer

Please keep in mind that this is not a completed game, it's not even a demo, it's work in progress and a lot of stuff will be changed, improved and added before even this first level is finished. With all that said, you're very welcome to download it and give it a go, and hopefully give me some valuable feedback. This release is Windows only.


  1. Click this link to go to my DropBox-account

  2. Download file 13Ronin, 1st Public

  3. When download is finished extract the zip-folder

  4. Open folder and double-click 13Ronin.exe

  5. Press ‘1’ to start game


When playing, press ‘ESC’ to return to start-screen, and press 'ESC' once more to exit game.





Crouch         Arrow key down

Jump up        Left ctrl key

Jump forward   Left ctrl key + arrow key forward

Jump backward  Left ctrl key + arrow key backward

Turn around    Space + Arrow key backward
Walk forward   Arrow key forward

Walk backward  Arrow key backward


Head cut       Space + Arrow key up
Kick           Space + Arrow key forward and down
Throat cut     Space + Arrow key forward
Throw gravel   Space + Arrow key down


Block Head cut    Left shift + Arrow key up

Block Throat cut  Left shift + Arrow key forward


X-box style gamepad:


Crouch         Directional pad down

Jump up        Button X

Jump forward   Button X + Directional pad forward

Jump backward  Button X + Directional pad backward

Turn around    Button B + Directional pad backward
Walk forward   Directional pad forward

Walk backward  Directional pad backward


Head cut       Button B + Directional pad up
Kick           Button B + Directional pad forward and

               directional pad down
Throat cut     Button B + Directional pad forward
Throw gravel   Button B + Directional pad down


Block Head cut    Button A + Directional pad up

Block Throat cut  Button A + Directional pad forward

This release is heavily flawed with an unintelligent opponent and unbalanced gameplay, but still, it’s a game that can be played, and I can't help but feel a little bit proud. The future is bright


Happy new coding year!




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