A minor disappointment

June 17, 2018

With much excitement I collected the parcel and hurried home. I tore the package open and discovered with joy that the keyboard (Arturia KeyLab 25) I had ordered was a sturdy piece more beautiful than I had imagined. Now I was going to compose some great tunes for my game - Rob Hubbard, here I come!


A few hours later I wasn't happy at all. After downloading, installing and setup I just couldn't get the computer to recognize the new device. The display was all blue and the accompanying MIDI control center software told me the device was in some kind of boot mode and I needed to upgrade the firmware. Guess what, after many failing attempts and I finally managed to upgrade the firmware, it made no difference.


After several mails to the Arturia support I just have to accept that the keyboard isn't working. Unfortunately it's discontinued and I don't feel repairing it an option so I'll have to send this back and find some other keyboard to purchase. 


I love the wood/metal-look of old analog technology while still appreciating digital stuff I easily can connect the computer, that's why this was such a perfect choice for me. 


Isn't it a beauty?


But well, you can't win them all, so this time I'll just buy some cheap MIDI keyboard I can hide in a drawer when not using it. I'll keep you posted.


Happy coding!


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